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Improvement and Development Agency


The Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) works with UK local government authorities to promote best practice and innovation and to develop the sector as a whole.

Conseq manage the core IDeA Knowledge web site, which provides more than 60,000 registered users with access to the IDeA’s range of tools, services and special interest discussion forums, including the People and Places library of best practice case studies.

The old site had out-grown its existing solution and IDeA were suffering frequent issues with disrupted content, slow performance and difficulty in development of new site components. Conseq proposed a move to a more scalable and flexible solution based on Java open standards using IBM Websphere and DB2. Working within the budget that had been allocated solely to cover on-going support of the existing system, Conseq were able to develop the new solution and complete a seamlessly migration onto the new platform.

The project included migration of the existing site, the user facing content management application, assistance with deployment of the hosting solution and migration of the existing content into the new DB2-based content store.

The new solution includes easy to use in-page editing facilities, granular access control and complete scalability without loss of performance and meets the strict accessibility requirements mandated by the World WC3, Web Accessibility Initiative and the Royal National Institute for the Blind’s “See it Right Campaign”.

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