Our Approach

Maximise the potential of Salesforce

Realising the full value of an investment in the constantly expanding world of Salesforce is a challenge. Our wide knowledge of Salesforce can help you meet that challenge, in the face of ever-changing requirements.

Stay current with Salesforce innovations

The pace of innovation in the Salesforce platform is rapid and accelerating. We can help you stay ahead of the curve, leveraging new and innovative features as they become available.

Fully embrace the Lightning platform

We know that future innovation in Salesforce is going to be Lightning based. We have been working with the Lightning Platform and Lightning Components since their inception and have the experience to help you gain the full benefit of this new paradigm.

Deliver more at lower cost

Conseq is a streamlined business, cost effective operation is a core part of our business model, allowing us to deliver technically superior solutions at lower cost.

What we can do for you

Communities and Digital Experiences

We have a proven track record with Salesforce Communities and Experience Cloud, in both Lightning and VisualForce, having delivered Salesforce applications to disparate internet audiences in an effective and engaging format.

Application Architecture

With more than 15 years experience in the design and development of complex applications for Salesforce and enterprise Java we can deliver solutions that are robust, functional and maintainable.

Systems Integration

We have delivered many complex Salesforce integration projects, both inbound and outbound. We are able to leverage Heroku when it adds value and have utilised off‑platform Lightning Components to project Salesforce functionality into non‑Salesforce sites.

Lightning Components

We have been working with Lightning Components since inception, benefiting from our prior experience with Aura and Angular. We can help you make the most of the opportunities this new pattern opens up.

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